My name's Kennesha and I'm the head hunter and curator around these parts. I have a passion for bringing out the story of your home and helping you find ways to do so through pieces that have for decades told their own tales. This isn't about filling your life or home with more stuff. Who needs that? This space is hopefully offers you another opportunity for you to continue shaping your life and home in a way that not only pleases you but that stretches beyond the narrative of home we've accepted for far too long. 

I am honored any time I have the opportunity to help you bring out the character and heart in your home whether it be via the found product offerings here, physically assisting in the styling of your home or encouraging you through my writing to wholeheartedly embrace your own home story. In fact, sourcing and using vintage items to style homes is one of my favorite things to do. 

Growing up in the South and being raised by my grandmother and other women who came alongside her, gave me a unique opportunity to experience what it looks like to collect and gather what matters. Memories. 

If you find that piece (or a dozen ;) that speak(s) to you and you become absolutely enamored with how it works in your home, please share with us by tagging and following Restoration House on Instagram and using the #mywholehome hashtag when doing so.